Inside the 10 Second Diet

I met the author of the book the 10 Second Diet and today we take a peak inside the first few chapters. I think the key to this is to


2. Think (instead of feel).

In seems like in today's society if we feel something we HAVE to do it, and that is not the case. If we STOP and THINK we can take a few seconds to realize that what we are doing is not going to help us achieve our goals. The book talks about acknowledging the mental, psychological, and physical needs when it comes to eating.

I can do this

It will work




Also mentioned in this episode was Marc Gungor

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1 thought on “Inside the 10 Second Diet”

  1. Read a wonderful book called “French Kids Eat Everything”. Really for how to get picky kids to eat more but thought that the rules are great for adults as well to have better eating habits.

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