Interval Training with the Gym Boss

Interval Training

Gymboss Interval Timer
Interval training is maximum cardiovascular exercise. All cardio benefits are ramped-up by  doing interval training once a week. The benefits are huge – your heart rate slows, you use oxygen more efficiently, you get faster – quickly, and you feel great from all those endorphins running around in your bloodstream.

Here are the Top Ten Benefits of Interval Training

1. You feel amazing for the rest of the day. With interval training, endorphin production is ramped to the max. These naturally occurring opiates are produced in your brain in response to strenuous exercise. Interval training – due to its short bursts of intense activity – really get the endorphins flowing, and you feel fantastic.

2. Your resting pulse drops like a stone. When I'm doing consistent interval training, my resting pulse is 46 to 48. Resting pulse is a good measure of stroke volume – the amount of  blood your heart pumps on each beat. The more blood pumped per beat the LESS your heart needs to beat each minute.

Cardiovascular exercise – over time – increases your stroke volume. Interval training is maximum cardiovascular exercise – and leads very quickly to increased stroke volume. Your heart rapidly increases its efficiency with consistent interval training. Your total lifetime fitness levels increase accordingly.

3. You save wear and tear on your heart. Because interval training increases your heart's  stroke volume, your heart beats less during the course of the day to provide the amount of  blood you need flowing to your tissues. Less heart beats means less wear and tear. The hypothetical extrapolation is that your heart will last longer because you're doing intense vigorous exercise. Pretty remarkable.

4. You get faster – which is why you're doing interval training in the first place. Faster usually means funner – and you find yourself motoring along during your regular cardio training. Your regular cardio training becomes easier, and you're having more fun while doing it.

5. Climbing hills is easier – this has all kinds of benefits. I used to run road races in Central Park in New York City. After I began interval training, I noticed that as a race went on – when we'd reached the parks' infamous stretch of hills – I'd be passing all the people who'd passed me at the beginning of the race. I'd catch and pass them all on the hills. A great feeling! I developed a deep sense of race confidence I'd never had – all due to interval training!

6. You're stronger and faster in every other form of cardiovascular activity. Having better endurance not only benefits hill climbing. Because your heart is much more efficient, swimming, cycling, cross-country skiing, and hiking all just got much easier. You can go faster, longer, and with better energy than ever before.

7. Decreased risk of high blood pressure. The evidence is in. Cardiovascular exercise has abundant medical benefits, including decreased susceptibility to heart disease. Interval training, being the most intense form of cardio, offers even greater benefits over time.

8. Lowered cholesterol levels. Again, cardiovascular exercise has consistently been shown to reduce blood cholesterol. Lower cholesterol has many medical benefits, including lowered risk of heart disease, arthritis, and other inflammatory disorders.

9. Stronger immune system. Your immune system responds positively to regular strenuous exercise. Interval training – due to its intense qualities – yields a heightened immune response. People who exercise regularly build-up a “shield” against colds and flu, and East Coasters often go through an entire winter without “getting sick”.

10. You get younger. Yes, really. The benefits of exercise are profound and impact both physical and personal aspects of your life. You sleep better. You wake up more refreshed.

You skin glows. Your digestion improves. Overall, you're healthy and well. Your attitude throughout the day becomes consistently positive. You have more ideas. You're more creative.

You're more fun to be around.

And, all this is possible because you spent 30 to 60 minutes a day, four to six times a week, investing in your well-being!

David Lemberg
Author, speaker, educator

GYMBOSS Fun Interval Training Tool

I have been trying this tool, it is so easy to set up and use, and the benefits are astounding (be sure to check with your Doctor before attempting interval training).  Instead of keeping track of the time on the treadmill, or your watch, this thing just vibrates (and/or beeps) and you know to go to the next interval (all for around 20 bucks). Watch this video to see how easy it is to set up. (I had attempted to make a video, but this one is already so why recreate the wheel).

From the Forums

From Amyc82 on the forums.


You need to add this to your Goal rewards. So WHEN you lose 15 (or whatever #)more pounds you will reward yourself with the TRX instead of rewarding with food. Here is an example of mine.. not set in stone, but it sorta works! I think I need to change a few things too.

I heard this on Jillian Michaels or your podcast.. I can't remember. But this would be a great goal motivator, just make sure the weight loss goal is like 10 or 15, that way you can get it sooner

Meeting Your Goals

Loss Reward

5 LBS look @ my skinny clothes
10 LBS New Faucet for guest bathroom
20 LBS New Faucet for our bathroom
25 LBS Pick out 2 new outfits from my skinny clothes
35 LBS Last New Faucet for our bathroom
40 LBS DRINK @ Fish House to Celebrate!
50 LBS 3 Day weekend Getaway
55 LBS MASSAGE & a new outfit
60 LBS NEW Bathing suite
65 LBS Bob Harper's Spin class and visit to CA

From the Mail Bag

Listener Nikki sent me a link to an article at  where they interviewed the nutritionist (Cheryl Forberg ) from the Biggest Loser. She is the author of the Biggest Loser Simple Swaps.  Here are some of her favorite swaps

She says using avocado instead of mayonnaise is one of her favorite swaps. On your sandwich, forget the mayo-slathering and add a few thin ’cado slices instead.

Instead of chips (which crunch) try Jicama

“Jicama is one of my favorite ingredients to introduce to contestants because many of them have never tasted it before,” she says. “Once they taste it, they love it.”

Cut peeled jicama into thin chips or thick strips. Serve those jicama dippers with a healthful dip (recipe included), or top them with a smidgen of fresh lime juice and chili powder. Jicama is also a delectable salad ingredient.

Go greek when it comes to yogurt “Fat-free Greekstyle yogurt contains the same number of calories as regular fat-free yogurt (approximately 100 per cup), but has twice the protein and half the carbohydrates.”

Try not to drink your calories. Milk is good for you but try to get to fat free. Swap for one percent lower if you’re not there. Slowly you can make the swap.

If you would like to see some recipies you can view the full article here

New Month Weigh In

January  209 lbs. – Now 205.8

January Body Fat 30% = Now 27.0

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