Iron Gym Chin Up Bar For Your Door Unboxed

I keep seeing these advertisements for the Iron Gym on television. This is a contraption you hang on your door jam, and do pull ups, you can also put it on your feet to do sit ups, and also use it for push ups.  I'm a big fan of using my body to build my body, and this seemed like an inexpensive tool to help me. But I always wondered exactly how it worked. What held it on exactly.

I went looking for it at and was glad to see some of the customers had posted their own pictures and explained that it your door frame molding is not at least 1/2 inch it may not work for you. It also shows that some assembly is required (probably 10-20 minutes to assemble) and more.

You door should be 24-32 inches wide, and your molding should not be wider than 3 1/2 inches.  The bad review at was from someone who had a very wide door jam (common sense anyone?). There is even a video that shows you how to assemble it (look in the customer reviews).  You will find out that the “Free” straps to allow you to work your abs do not come with the unit. You have to pay shipping and handling (so your free item is 8 bucks).

So my question is, does anybody have any first hand knowledge of the Iron Gym? Leave a comment below or in the forum.

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4 thoughts on “Iron Gym Chin Up Bar For Your Door Unboxed”

  1. If you’re still interested, I have one and it works fine for me and my husband. We had to get a pullup bar to do P90X and this one is FAR better than the straight bar we started with. For $30 (I got mine at Target), you really can’t beat it. Mostly, it rests on your door jam, but there is a clip to keep it from slipping off. You can also pull it off the door easily and use it as a pushup bar instead of buying those Perfect Pushup thingies. Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks Jennifer. I just read a book the fat troublehsooter (or something like that) and it mentioned doing training with body weight, and it mentioned a pull up bar. I just feel I would flash back to sixth grade where I do probably 2….

  3. Oh I know the feeling. I could never even do ONE pullup in school. And I had the dangling-from-the-rope experience too. Oh, the humiliation…

  4. I felt like Goliath last night at the gym. They had the big machine that helps you do pull ups. Now I just need to continue and gradually reduce the weight that is helping me.

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