Jillian Michaels Book Unlimited – Free

Jillian Michaels Book Unlimited – Free

Jillian’s new book Unlimited is on the books shelves, on the Kindle, and even out as an unabridgged audio book (and for me, I love the passion in Jillian’s voice). Well our friends at audible have worked up a deal where you can get one free audiobook and a 14 free trial by going to www.audibletrial.com/dave I’ve already checked and the book is available. You can go over and download it and start listening immediately. Cancel any time within the first 14 days, and keep the book. If you don’t cancel you can download her other books like Mastor Your Metabolism and only pay $14.95 a month (for the record audio books are typically 20 bucks). You also save 30% on any additional books you want to purchase. It’s a good deal. To get your free audio book go to  http://logicalloss.com/audibletrial

If you want the printed book (or Kindle version) its only $13 for the hard cover or Kindle version. Click the image to the left.

If you looking to get your mind in check, Lynn Terry had a great post about the book Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements. Which has an overall wellbeing test. Remember Positive Life Change doesn't just happen to you. You have to be proactive about the things you want to change in your life. You can achieve a lot by doing little things that add up to big things. You have to do this. Don't put this on someone else. Ask where you are and where you want to be. Pick ONE thing that will be a small step to get your towards your goal and do that TODAY>

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1 thought on “Jillian Michaels Book Unlimited – Free”

  1. There seem to be a lot more free books coming out these days, especially for the Kindle – and according to Seth Godin this is a good thing.

    I couldn’t agree more.

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