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Today I'm proud to announce that I'm down to 211.8 (I started the year at 217). Part of it has been my participation in Leanness Lifestyle University. This means I know that someone is going to review my food, and my activity. It is the ultimate accountability. Here are some things I've discovered.

Waiting To Eat

On the Leanness Lifestyle app there is a wATE feature. The ways this works is it makes sure you eat every three hours. This keeps you from eating when you're not hungry. By eating more smaller meals throughout the day you keep your metabolism going.  When you wait, you get a point (woo hoo – so its a bit of a game). What I have found is there are times when I think I'm hungry, but  know its not been three hours I don't eat. This is partly due to knowing that its just a bit of time before I do get eat.

The other thing this does is I am actually hungry when it comes time to eat. I'm not famished (so I binge), but I'm actually hungry. I've taken steps to make sure I have food with not just less calories, but better nutrition. It turns out that food with better nutrition, typically allows you to eat more of it, and it fills you up (and keeps you full).

JEFit App Tracks Your Workout

I went looking for an app that would track my weight lifting efforts. I found JEFit which contains over 1300+ exercises. The JEFIT Exercise Database provides animations and detailed information about each exercise. You can create your own workouts, and if for some reason you can't find the exercise you are looking for, you can always enter in manually. The app is available for both iPhone and Android. You can get the free Android version at Amazon or iTunes there is also a Pro Version with an improved interface that you can buy at Amazon (android) and iTunes.


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