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One of the most motivating segments they show on the Biggest Loser is a part of the show where the contestants get measured, and the results are calculated into a number that shows your body's “actual” age. For example when one contestant was 200 lbs over-weight, her age was 30 years older than her actual age.

If you are looking for motivation, you may want to purchase a Know Your Number Health Score kit (that you can administer at home).

The Biggest Loser Know Your Number HealthScore is a unique health assessment tool that gives users a glimpse into their own future and can set people on the path to healthier living. Think of it as a personalized road map showing where you are and where you can go; most importantly it shows how to get there.

Using powerful, one-of-a-kind technology, The Biggest Loser Know Your Number HealthScore takes a person’s unique health information, including weight, blood pressure, family history, lifestyle habits and key blood values. It then uses a proprietary technology, called Synthesis Analysis, to produce a detailed report on that person’s risk of developing specific obesity related diseases; diabetes, heart attack or stroke within the next ten years.

After submitting the kit, your personalized Biggest Loser Know Your Number HealthScore will detail:

  1. Your Inner Age: This is the measurement of your biological age (which may be younger or older than your chronological age depending on your health).
  2. Your Recoverable Life Years: This is the number of years that you can add to your life expectancy by improving unhealthy risk factors.
  3. Your Disease Risk: This is your actual risk of developing the main chronic preventable diseases: stroke, heart disease, and diabetes over the next ten years.
  4. Your Modifiable Risk: This looks at where your risk of disease is coming from and what you can do to change it.

For your journey to be successful, you need to know where you’re starting from. Learn your health risks with the same test used by The Biggest Loser contestants.

Great! Now that I've got you all fired up about ordering a kit ($89), the bad news is these will ship February 9th. The good news is you can preorder this kit and have it shipped the minute it is available.

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