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I've been using my podemoter (which came with some software. Its cool in that I can set a daily goal and when I plug in the podeomter and download the informatoin it shows if I have met my daily goals for walking, aerobic walking, distance, and more.










This week I'm wallk (see proof above). However, lets state the obvious. You won't burn as much walking as you do exercising on a gazzelle. I also noticed then when I eat at my girlfriends (Where she bring bowls of food to the table) I tend to sit at the table and eat ant eat. I need to back away from the table. I bought a jar of peanuts becuase I read a small helping is a servicing of "good fat." Well I ended up eating half the jar.

So I need to see what I'm doing wrong, and make a plan to avoid doing that in the future.

Cheyrl's Favorite Caloric Calculator

Interesting Nutrition Articles

Calorie Calculators at about .com The interesting thing is it says I need 2400 calories to get to 180 (I rarely eat over 2,000 caolories). The calculator from the mayo clinic shows I should 2900 calories. So maybe I do have my body in staration mode.

Find Time to Exercise – Take Your Smoke Breaks Mobile
If you are a smoker, and you take "Smoke breaks: at work. You need to walk and smoke. I know that sounds weird, but if you have time to smoke, you have time to walk. My ex-wife stopped smoking with a device call Lifesign, but that has been replaced by a device called Quitkey. You can buy it at for $59. After all a walking smoker is better than a stationary smoker.

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