Living in a World of Judges

Turn on the TV, and you will see person after person being  criticized, critiqued, voted off, etc. It doesn't matter if their going to be the next American top model, idol, voice, chief, dancer, etc. If you turn on the television you will find a group of other people judging one another. No wonder we feel self conscious when we go to a gym.

Sometimes if even comes from our parents. Teenage girls who said their parents made comments about their weight are twice as likely as their peers to be highly concerned about their appearance a year later. Many times lighthearted comments leave a lasting impression.

We look at magazines, and we want to look like the people on the pages. Realize the people on the pages don't look like he people on the pages. Also, realize the average American woman is is five feet four inches tall, and weighs 140 lbs. The average model is five feet eleven inches tall and weighs 117 lbs. This makes her thinner than 98 percent of the American women. It is pointless to compare yourself to someone who you have a two percent genetic chance of looking like.

When it comes to living in a world of judges, in the immortal world of Cee Lo green, “Forget” them. This again is where we need to focus on losing that next lbs. Don't worry about the other 29 or whatever you need to lose. Lets focus on the next pound.

Stopping Your Own Progress

We do judge ourselves. Remember this: you're not done. If someone tells you, “Wow it looks like you've lost weight,” don't think to yourself  “you need glasses” accept that compliment. You are blessed with a body. You may not have taken care of it like you should've, but your body is beautiful.

Think of all the helpful things your body does. Your ears listen to friends. Your eyes read books. Your arms give supportive hugs. When you hear yourself start to deliver negative self talk, stop it, and replace it with something positive. Instead of “My thighs are huge,” replace it with “My thighs love to walk.”


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1 thought on “Living in a World of Judges”

  1. This and the last episode were pretty good! Walked while listening to both and the idea of a daily practice is something I’ve been thinking about. It occurs to me that I could use more of a daily regiment (meditation, exercise, meal planning, etc) of what to do instead of pulling things together whenever I can, or worse, at the last minute. Also, hope you find work you love real soon.

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