Lori Wengle Lost 107 lbs and KEPT IT OFF

I'm going to start something new for the podcast.  I want to find people who have lost weight, and kept it off. I found Lori Wengle's book, and was amazed at her 107 lbs weight loss. I was even more impress that she not only lost the weight ,but she kept it off.

Lori had some medical issues that had never been diagnosed, and she “came from a family of eaters.”

Lori shares some insights including:

She carved out a lifestyle, and focused on being a good Mom to her daughter. She didn't have anyone around to teach her, so she had to find out for herself.

We take care of everyone else at the drop of a hat. We need to put ourselves first. Put a meeting on your calendar to schedule your appointment. Don't miss this important meeting.

Lori explains how her Trainer in a box, and her book The Fat Princess No More, came about and how they have been benefiting people in her travels.

We also talk a little about muscle confusion, and to plan ahead for the week (For the person who “Doesn't have time” to cook healthy).

She also “dismisses” some of the more famous fitness myths and scams.

To learn more about her “Trainer in a Box” Check out this Video

To ORDER TRAINER IN A BOX (or Lori's Book “Fat Princess No More”), click HERE.

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