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I've talked about goals in the past. Here is a quick summary.

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Attainable
R = Realistic
T = Timely

According to my Kindle, I’m 51% done with this book. It’s a great book so far.

It is just over flowing with great content and studies. For example, “According to health authorities, average adult men and women burn an estimated 1,800 to 2,200 calories a day. And yet studies show that Americans have a per capita consumption of 3,790 calories a day.

But here's the scary part: Most Americans have no idea how many calories they're consuming and where those calories are going! The same 2010 study—carried out by the International Food Information Council Foundation—found that only 12 percent of Americans could correctly estimate the number of calories they should be consuming in a day based on their age, weight, height, and activity level. And nearly half of all Americans have no idea how many calories they burn in a day.

For someone who comes at weight loss from a logical view point this is great content. I am having a hard time putting the book down.

It has the typical stuff (a few pages with their favorite exercises), it has some “Don’t eat this – eat that” that’s poplar now. But it also has some stuff I have not seen in other books. It not only identifies the typical types of eaters, but it provides strategies to over come the hurdles that are holding you back.

At the heart of it all is their focus on their free iphone (sadly only) application Lose it! As I do not have an iphone I can’t give you first hand knowledge. If you don’t have the app, the book is still useful. The bottom line is you we need to understand what we are doing to our bodies. We need to know (not guess) how many calories we are stuffing in our faces, and how many calories we are not burning sitting on the couch.

One great point they make is that most average Americans are overweight not from eating thousands of calories each day, but only going over a little. However, when you add (For example) 100 calories times 30 days you get 3000 calories (and 3500 calories is one pound). Consequently, slowly and gradually we are all getting fat. The book then shows you TONS of ways that you can cut “just a little” bit of calories here and there. The great news is when you add up all those “little” cuts in calories they add up to big weight loss.

As I said, I’m only half way through and even if the rest of the book stinks, I would recommend it. The only thing I found frustrating is as I have an android phone it makes me really want them to hurry up and come up with an android version.

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