Making Portion Control Easy

Today I talk about how I watched the video about the 21 day fix and I saw where this is a system with a food plan, and built in portion control. I wanted to see what other kind of products have built in portion control.

Here is a quick video if you'd like to get more involved with Team Beach Body (I'm a coach)

Find out more at

FitPlate Portion Control Made Easy

Then I saw where in March Fit Deck is having a 50% off sale of their Fitplate by using the coupon code MARCH. You can now get this plate for around $8 (depending on where you live).

The fitplate is a 9″ plate divided for proper portion control. Here is a video from the maker of Fitdeck/Fitplate Phil Black

Portion Control Sizes – How to Know the Right Portions

The next time you're in a sporting good store, pick up a baseball. I think you will be surprised how small it is (I think most of us think its close to the size of a softball, but its a LOT smaller). A portion of meat is the size of the palm of your hand (not including your fingers). For more examples of how to properly judge portion control check out this PDF.

I was amazed at an article from wikihow that stated pancakes should be the size of a CD (not your head). Drinks such as low-fat milk or milk alternatives and 100% fruit juice are also 1 cup per portion size, comparable to the size of a fist. A single portion of grain products like rice or pasta would be comparable to the size of your fist. In their section on controlling portion control pointed out dividing up your dinner plate (like a Fitplate).

You can read the full article here.

Heart Rate  Monitor with Replaceable Batteries For Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

This is on my “soon to buy” list. Instead of having an ugly watch that I won't wear, I now will have a chest strap that works with my phone and over 50+ apps. This seems very cool and when I saw that it has replaceable batteries I was sold. You can find out more at

My Progress

I've been stuck after losing 10 lbs. I did finally see 210.6 this week. I went back up. I'm integrating weight lifting, and I'm doing my 10 minute trainer more religiously.

Dave's Weight Loss Progress

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1 thought on “Making Portion Control Easy”

  1. LOL

    This episode was great!

    You said “If this is the size of the chicken breast, what size was the chicken?? Godzilla?!?!?!”

    “Most of the sizes of my pancakes are the size of my head!”

    So true.. This goes back to eating at home.. Restaurants don’t portion control like they should. Plates are definitely getting bigger, and portions are increasing as well.

    Great episode!

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