Making Your Workouts Fun

First Things FirstWe need to make sure we start to exercise. I talk about the “Boulders” that we need to put into our lives from the Steven Covey Book “First Things First.” (A great book about time and life management).

You can use the Vidaone Software when you enter a personal health items, AND you can enter a journal entry. Journals are great tools that allow you to look back and spot why something became a problem, why something worked, and what was going on in your life. While obviously not something you have to do, many people find them helpful when losing weight. You can download a trial version of Diet and Fitness at and get 15% off using the coupon code “logical.”

One of the ways you can inspire,  or “pump up” yourself is by listening to music while you exercise. I've made a tip sheet on how you can use the free program “iTunes” to take your music and turn it into list that you can use to workout to. I've also know another free program that you can use to figure out the Beats Per Minute of each song (so you know which songs should be good to workout to). It's all in the free report at note you do NOT need an ipod to use iTunes). If you want one, the smallest ipod is now around $150.

By distracting yourself with music, you won't even know you're exercising. Kids of today are smarter because they didn't realize those “Roger Rabbit Reader Games” were actually teaching them something. They thought they were having fun.

Now today you will fire up iTunes (or if you have one an ipod) and ask yourself “What songs have made the list today?” You may also find yourself going, “I can go for one more song.”

You can do it.

Here is where I am starting From:

Weight: 211 lbs
Body Fat 25.3%
Neck: 16.5″
Biceps 12″
Forearm 10″
Wrist 6.75″
Chest 40.5
Waist 42″
Hips 41″
Thigh: 24″
Calf: 14″

I got these measurements using the Myotape that helps you measure your body. You can find it at

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1 thought on “Making Your Workouts Fun”

  1. Dave! This was an awesome podcast!

    I have a suggestion for you. Have you heard of If not, check out the site. Cardio Coach is a series of audio recordings that have Shaun (the “coach”) talk you through intervals. You can use them on any piece of equipment. I’ve also used them while walking.

    I know there are some similar recordings/podcasts that are free, but Cardio Coach is, by far, the best.

    I’ve read countless times that the way to get the most out of a workout is to do intervals. Having Cardio Coach on my mp3 player while I am working out helps make the workout go by just as fast as listening to music.

    I look forward to listening to your future shows!

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