Mapping Out the Starting Point

Well tis that time of year again where we start over. We to get THERE you have to know where HERE is so yo ucan get from HERE to THERE. Here is where I am.

Weight 209 lbs.

Body Fat 30%

Neck 16.5

Biceps 12″

Forearms 10″

Chest 41.5″

Waist 42

Thighs 22.375

By measuring everything you can track progress, but also it gives you the ability to set up mini goals. Instead of saying I want a better looking butt, you can say I want to lose 1″ off my butt. You can track it. If you can't track it you can't improve it.

Be sure to keep your goals positive, and specific.

Work on your attitude, don't believe the lies of your inner voice. You are worth it, and you can do it.

I measured my self using a mytotape from the Logical Weight loss store

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