Meet the New Fries – Same as the old Fries

Wendy's is trying to look healthier. They added new salads recently, and now they've added a new version of their fries (after consistantly losing to other chains). These fries state to keep the skin, be made of Russet potatoes, and use “Sea Salt”

This reminds me of the Chevy Cordoba (it was Chevy right?) that had “Corinthian leather.” It turns out there is no such thing, but is sounds good.

In the the use of sea salt actually adds more sodium to your diet (not good for anyone with blood pressure issues). Here is the stats comparing Wendy's old fries to their new fries.

Medium serving of new fries

Calories – 420 (10 calories more than original fries)

Fat – 20 grams (1 gram higher than original fries)

Sodium – 500 mg (150 mg more than original fries)

Carbohydrates – 54 grams (2 grams higher than original fries)

Protein – 5 grams (1 gram more than original fries)

It may sound healthier, but in the end it appears to be just as bad.

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