More Meals Less Calories

I have read it more and more books and articles I read. Instead of sticking with 3 meals, have more meals of smaller size.  Another way of looking at this is instead of three giant meals, have three meals of smaller size, and then 3 snacks in between meals.

I'll give you an example. Yesterday it had been three hours since my last meal. It was about 2:30 and I thought I'm not going to make it to “dinner” time. Another point is if I did make it to 5 PM I would be famished, and eat too much, too fast.  With this in mind, I grabbed a bowl, and through some baby carrots in and put it next to the computer. Now instead of snacking on chips, I was snacking on carrots.  While carrots may not be the MMMMM factor of chips, they are definitiely healthier and the they achived their goal – I wasn't hungry any more.

There are all sorts of healthy snacks that you can eat to get you through the day. I'm tring to space mine out every 3 to 4 hours. If I see it's only been 90 minutes then I tell myself, “You're not really hungry – you're bored” (and that's probably the truth).

While I'm currently experiementing with Diet Pro nutrition and fitness coaching software, one of the things I like about Vidaone software (that I've been using) is I can see when the last time I had something to eat.  By keeping my starvation mode in check, I'm less likely to pig out when I get to eat. As I said before, more and more people are saying this is the key to their success.  Jorge Cruise even has a 3-hour diet book.

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