MotoActiv Taking Fitness to the Next Level

Many moons ago I had a basic pedometer for about $35. Then I graduated to my fitbit (which I still love) for about $99. I loved the auto sync feature of the fitbit, and the extra motivation that came from all the information. I was recently reading about cool fitness gadgets and they mentioned the MotoActiv from Motorola. It's pretty intense. Here are some of the things it can do.

1. It's a pedometer that track steps, calories burned, etc.

2. It's a GPS unit, so if you are a walker, jogger, cyclist, you can now track yoru routes and track your progress.

3. It's an mp3 player with 8 gigs of space, playlists, etc.

4. It can sync with your phone and you can actually receive calls and text messages on it.

5. It automatically syncs your information to the motoactiv website when you get near a wi-fi signal.

6. It then has “graphs o' plenty” showing your steps, calories, etc over time, your routes and much more. The one unique feature is it tracks which music (songs) you burn the most calories to, and can use that information to assemble the ultimate workout playlist.

7. It can (with an optional accessory) track your hear rate.

I can't find out if their website is free or has an additional fee (like the body bugg). It's cool, and stops you from having to carry your mp3 player, your heart rate monitor, and your GPS watch. If you look at it this way the price is good (starting at $249) it's about the same price if you had to buy them separately. However, if you are counting on the heart rate monitor strap, it's an additional $49.

I like this tool for the person who is really into running. I would be interested in it if it tied into Lose It, or My Fitness pal so I could compare my calories in with my calories out (like my fitbit).

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