Mountain Dew Will Disolve Mice

Jillian Michaels has said in her book “Master Your Metabolism” that soft drinks are basically poison (I'm paraphrasing).  Yesterday a story surface where a man is using Pepsi for allegedly having a mouse in a can of mountain dew. He said he drank it, immediately through up,and when he poured out the can the mouse fell out. To this I ask, “How did the mouse fit through that tiny hole?” Here is where things get really bizarre, in their defense Pepsi is saying (again in y words) that the mouse would have turned into a jelly like substance.

Acid and an ingredient called brominated vegetable oil or BVO are what likely lead to Mountain Dew’s supposed rodent dissolving powers. BVO is banned in some other areas of the world like Europe and Japan but allowed in limited quantities in sodas like Mountain Dew, Squirt and Fanta Orange.

Mountain Dew is a vice of mine. I treat it like alcohol. If I drink one, I want to drink 12. At my worst, I would drink 6-10 cans  a day. This story will help me “stay on the wagon” (I now drink 1-2 a day, and need to make that number “0”). Watch this video from the Huffing Post for exact quotes.



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