My Report: I Got a Standing Desk

My Report: I Got a Standing Desk

So as my old desk was falling apart, it was time to buy a new desk and I wanted to get a standing desk as I now work from home. I use to stand for 8 hours a day as an instructor but now I sit on my butt all day and something needed to change.

What Standing Desk Did I Buy

I bought the Smart Desk 2 from and they start at $299, I went for the $399 model as it goes a little higher, and had a little bigger desktop. It took a few hours to put together (not too hard) and it works as expected.

The Surprises

I needed a new desk as everytime I pulled out the drawers of the desk, they would fall apart. This desk has no drawers. No big deal, I'll just buy a small cabinet. I have a filing cabinet, I wanted more of a few things with doors to hide junk behind. I found this four shelf cabinet for $36

Then I noticed that when I raise my desk, my mouse almost fell off, and I almost pulled my monitor off the desk. I needed extension cables. So I got a USB extension cable for my Mouse for $6. and an extended VGA cable for my monitor

Then as my feet were killing me, I needed a standing pad for $60 some of these pads go up to $120 (that are easier to move around)

The videos of many standing desks show them with iMacs or Laptops. Neither one of these computers have cables. Keep this in mind.

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1 thought on “My Report: I Got a Standing Desk”

  1. Thanks for the report. I recently got a standing desk at work. On thing that helps with the wires is using a wireless mouse/keyboard. The only wires required are for the monitors.
    I ended up getting an Uplift desk through work, but looked at the Smart Desk for home as well.

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