New Affordable Fitbit Fitness Gadgets

New Affordable Fitbit Fitness Gadgets

Fitbit ZipIf you've been listening to the Logical Weight Loss podcast, you know I'm a big fan of my fitbit, and my striiv. Now the fitbit has answered the call for people who wanted the features – without the $99 price tag.

Introducing the new Fitbit Zip

Tracks steps, distance, calories

Wireless connects to computers and smartphones

No cable – all syncing via USB and blue tooth

Runs on watch battery

Water resistant

Does not track sleep or stairs

New Fitbit zip sells for $59 and their website is FREE.

Coming Soon Fitbit One

Fitbit OneThe fitbit one is an updated version of the fitbit ultra.

This is like an updated version of the fitbit ultra.

It tracks:





and sleep.

It is  now been updated so that it also syncs without a cable (USB and bluebtooth).

It will sync to your Smartphone via bluetooth. New Fitbit one sells for $99 and their website is FREE. They are taking preorders as I write this on 9/17/12.

New Social Features Added to Boost Our Competitive Spirit

Most humans have a competitive spirit. Now you can connect on their free website and “friend” people. During the day you can see who is the most active. As people can now update via their phone they don't have to wait to get back home to have their information updated. If you don't have a smartphone, you can sync with your computer by plugging a small USB port into your computer (no more cables).

Making DietPower a Web Based Application for Free

Diet Power Software

Diet Power is one of he best nutrition tracking software. It tracks every kind of nutrient you want. It is the only software I know that guarantees that if you follow it's advice you will meet your goals. That's the good news.

The thing that had me stop using it was I had to be in front of my computer to use it. Meanwhile other smartphones allowed me to scan bar codes and have the information entered.

While you still have to enter (once) your food (assuming that its not in the huge database), you CAN use DietPower as a web based software by using the website

Most people are familiar with GotoMyPC. Well this is familiar except it's free (and you can't hear the sound from the remote computer -but you don't need that to enter your food).

I was successful when I used DietPower and this could be a way to use it again. There is even a (not free) app that you can use on your android phone to access your computer for more information go to ($27)


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