New Study Says Eat Less Exercise More

New Study Says Eat Less Exercise More

A new study was published . The goal was to determine what obese people did to lose 5-10% of their body weight. For me (currently at 207 lbs) that would be losing 10 – 21 lbs. Here is what they found after studying 4021 Obese Adults:

Quick-weight-loss63% had tried to lose weight the previous year

40% lost 5% of their body weight and 20% lost 10% of their body weight.

Those that lost 5% reported eating less fat and exercising more and small percent used prescription weight loss pills.

The above strategies were also mention in the people who lost 10% along with joining commercial weight loss programs (like or etc).

Adults eating diet products were less likely  to achieve 10% weight loss.

My Favorite Line from the Whole Study

“Liquid diets, nonprescription diet pills, and popular diets had no association with successful weight loss.”

Nuggets Pulled From the Report

Even a weight loss of 5% leads to health benefits.
So if you think, “I may start but I'll never finish,” take the small success as it will benefit you. Then see if the confidence of making a small goal helps propel you to keep going.

Most Common Strategies Used in Successfully Losing Weight
Limiting quantity of food, and counting calories, and restricting types of food.

Exercised 30 minutes per day, and added physical activities to their day. They also planned and cooked their own meals. They also weighted their food.

Eat less – exercise more. Shocking.

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