“No Money” Is Not an Excuse

Times are very tough.  So many people want to give in because they can't afford a gym membership. You don't need a gym membership. You can get videos from the library for free (which stops things from getting boring), and there are tons of videos online. For example here is a video featuring Jillian Michaels walking Meghan Murphy from Self magazine through a workout.

There are plenty of excuses (not reasons) out there. Don't let “I can't afford it” be one of them. A gym membership might be $35 a month. I purchased the Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD for $8 bucks BRAND NEW. This thing KICKS MY BUTT. If you got to McDonald's twice you going to put out more than $8 EASY. So do the right thing, admit that you CAN afford to invest in yourself. After all if you don't pay for it now, you will definitely pay for it later in medical bills.

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