Nothing Tastes Better Than Freedom

Dave's Current Progress
Dave's Current Progress

Today I share some success that I've been having. I created an Excel spreadsheet to calculate and show if I'm on track. I'm current involved in a Dietbet where there are thousands of dollars up for grabs if I lose 5% of my body weight in a month.  Well it turns out that this is inspiring to do what I should've been doing all along.

Special Thanks to Dana Wilde for the autographed copy of Train Your Brain.

I also went and checked out the reviews I've received in iTunes and one person basically said “C'mon Dave your podcast is just a bunch of excuses.” This got to me as I try to be a man with integrity, so I thought it's time to put up or shut up (I also through out my back drying off – how sad is that?). So I started eating better. Here are some steps I'm doing.

1. Buying healthy choices that need no time to prepare.

I've got protein shakes and turkey and bread ready to make sandwiches or drink a meal at a moments notice. I have fruits and veggies in the fridge.

2. I'm moving whenever I can

When I take a break I get up and walk. Instead of teaching sitting down at the front of the class I get up and walk around. One day I did 7,000 steps teaching one class.

3. I'm tracking every single thing that goes in my mouth – even if I know I shouldn't have eaten it. It still counts.

4. Mountain Dew (what was once about 40 oz a day) is now 12 oz a week.

5. When I'm bored and got a few free minutes I ride the stationary bike. This required me moving all the stuffed toys, but any exercise is better than no exercise.

6. I have my gym bag stocked and in my car. I don't need to go home and then go to the gym.

7. I created a mantra that gets me going. It is “Nothing Tastes Better Than Freedom” and when I'm driving paste a Dairy Queen a say it out loud.

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What Do You Mean Freedom?

Freedom from being reliant on pills to make me feel better. It didn't work for Elvis, and I don't want to be in that position when I'm older

Freedom to wear clothes and not hate how I look

Freedom to look in a mirror

Freedom from being tired, cranky, etc

Freedom from being one wrong move away from pain

How to Track Your Fitness Goal In Microsoft Excel

Topics we also talk about today:

When is the best time to exercise (based on different studies). In the end the best time to exercise is the time you actually do it.

Shakeology Chocolate was yummy but seems a bit pricy.

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