Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

I've tried Fitoracy, and this is a cool site. It combines community, and competition. We've talk about creating contests like the biggest loser, etc. you could use this site to inspire people to exercise. You earn points for exercising. When I walked for an hour I earned 100 points. When I did 30 sit-ups I earned 15 points. Its a great way to get addicted to exercise. If you like the point system on Spark People, then this takes that concept without the tons of advertising that you get on spark people. It does not thing with food tracking. It just rewards points for exercise. Contact me if you want an invitation.

Killing the “I Can't Change” Myth

Maybe you've been overweight all your life. Maybe its been years since you've been at your target weight. This does not mean that being lift is no longer an option. While a leopard can't change its spots, it can run in a different direction. George Burns didn't win his first Oscar till he was 80. Julia Child didn't start her TV show until she was 40. You CAN change. Are you the same at 33 that you were at 15? No we mature, and our life experiences help us focus. We just need to consistently work at eating less and exercising more.

Part of changing yourself you need to come up with a “Why” you need to change. If you have a firm grasp on the WHY you can put up with the WHY.

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