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I just got an email from Jennifer who was listening to an older episode of the podcast where I mentioned the P90X training. Here is what she had to say about it.

I was listening to an older podcast and you mentioned P90X and wanted to hear from people who've done it.  I am on my third “round” right now and I am blown away by my results!
Let me give you a little background…
I am a female that has been a size 14/16 for most of my adult life.  I exercised at home 6 days a week, incorporating strength training, cardio, and yoga or Pilates for 15 years.  I'm not talking about easy workouts either…I did things like Cathe Freidrich workouts, which are advanced.  I finally settled into a size 10 after 10 YEARS of doing this.  Fine-tuning my diet helped me get to a size 8, which was actually quite stunning for me, considering I really thought I had “fat genes” and a single-digit size was not in my realm of possibility.  I started creeping back up into a size 10, so I got P90X.  I'm a size 6 now and in the sbsolute best shape of my life!  I never thought I could do 6 unassisted pullups, AND do plyometrics, AND twist myself into a pretzel due to the yoga workout.

It incorporates all aspects of fitness; cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility.  It is very intense and definitely not for beginners.
However, even though it is the hardest workout program I've ever done, I have not been injured (or bored, which is equally important) once because it's so well-planned.  So to answer your question, no, you won't really get these kind of results from any program you do for 90 days.  It's like nothing I've ever done before and I have a library of 50 workout DVDS…now collecting dust, I might add! 
It has changed my life and is the best money I think I've ever spent….seriously.  I could really go on and on, but I'll leave it at that.  🙂 
Take care,

If you are interested in purchasing this, I did some research.  You can get it from amazon.com for $139. I realize that's pretty steep. You get 12 DVDs, plus a calendar to set up your workouts, free online support tools, nutrition guide, etc. The better place is from the main distributor which is beach body who gives you the ability to pay in installments (3 X39) plus they offer a 90 day guarentee.

When I talked to my friend Katie (who just started it) I asked, “What else do you need to do the P90X program?” Her first answer? “A barf bucket. This thing will have you walking like Betty White.” She too seems to think she is getting good results. She said you would need some free weights, resistance bands ($45), a yoga mat ($20 as you are on the floor a lot), you may decide to get a push up bar and eventually a chin up bar ($75).

Some alternatives might be the assisted chin up station ($59), the Pro Gym in a bag (for your resistance tubes $30) from gofit.net The thing I love about gofit.net is they have FREE DVD's for all their equipment.

If you're looking for a less expensive version there is the Power 90 program (for about $60 plus shipping).

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4 thoughts on “P90X Reviewed”

  1. Hey, it’s Jenifer. Thanks for posting my email. 🙂
    I just wanted to add that you can get the program at QVC.com a little cheaper ($129ish) and broken down into 5 payments. Plus, they have a 30-day money back guarantee, which is nice. Oh, I think they include a resistance band too. I got my chin up bar at Target (Iron Gym) for $30 and it works fine.
    Also, P90 is a much more basic, beginner program. I didn’t get great results from it, but it might be a good place to start if you are new to weight training.

  2. I agree with Jenifer. I am starting my second round of P90X and had excellent results with it the first time. I am a mother of 3 and had gained a lot of weight after having my third child. I was able to lose the weight and get down to a size 8 and about 30% body fat. With P90X I am now at a size 6 (maybe even 4 I’ve run out of money for new clothes) and am at 19% body fat. I never even dreamed I could look like this!

  3. Will definitely be looking into this for my wife. She’s a stay at home mother who just had our third child. She’s not exactly going to be going to the gym anytime soon with an infant, so something that she could do at home would be wonderful! Thanks for the review!

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