Packing Your Lunch Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

One of the ways you can cut calories is to pack a lunch for work. However, many of the healthy foods need referigeration. We all know that if you stick your lunch in the company refrigerator that there is a small chance it will be there when we go to eat it (and that is just soooo wrong). So how do we pack a lunch that can fit in our bottom drawer and keep things cool? Enter the Fit & Fresh company.

This company provides some great tools to seal in freshness and each container has a freezer pack that snaps into place to keep it cool. Want a salad at work? Use their bowl that keeps up to two tablespoons of dressing in the lid. They even have a Fit & Fresh Portion prep center. It includes a textured, non-skid cutting board, compact food scale and 2-cup measuring section to maintain proper food portions. The measuring cup and scale snap in the bottom of the cutting board for easy storage.

Ladies if you’re looking to not only bring a fabulous lunch to work, but do it in style check out the designer bags for their containers.

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