Do NOT Overdo it

Its easy to think that “If 1 is good, then 10 must be great.” Well we can't do that with exercise or we will hurt ourselves. Slow and steady increases with your exercise is the way to go.  Always consult your doctor before starting an exercise program.

I felt so good about my current weight loss that I went from walking at 4 mph to running at 7 mph. I spent the rest of the day wishing my knee would “pop.” I went too far to quickly.

Christmas  Shopping Weight Loss Tips
1. Eat before you go to the mall, but go to the mall (you don't burn calories shopping online).
2. Notice what you will be having for lunch (in your fridge)
3. Park way out in the parking lot and enjoy the walk in (and out).
4. Bring carrots, power bars, or something if you know you will be out all day.
5. If you fall of “the wagon” (and have something “not so good”) do NOT throw away the day and go, “Well since I had a burger I might as well eat ice cream too.”
6. Remember the food you have waiting for you at home. You may have made yourself hungry with all the walking around. Don't fall prey to easy fast food. You've got great food at home.

Lastly, science is once again saying they have found the cure to weight loss. Will they never learn. YOU are the key to weight loss.

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Free Weight Loss Resource

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Today I talk about a free resource you might have in your town that can help you stay focused on your goal. THE LIBRARY. Wait till you hear what I found. Keep in mind it takes more than education to lose weight. You have to put that education into action. I also talk about dealing with failure. Edison took 9000 tries to make a successful light bulb. He saw each failure as a learning experience. What does this have to do with weight loss? Because so many people have that one little discretion. They eat the twinkie and go See I told you I couldn't do this! and THEY QUIT. So if you have a failure don't quit. If Edison quit, you'd be sitting in the dark right now. Just get back on track.

Also if you goal seems HUGE. Break it down. How many lbs do you want to lose this month? Still a huge idea. Have a nice healthy meal. Then repeat it. Then repeat it again. When you break the goal down to something you feel you CAN DO, you have found it. YOU need to believe that you can do it – BECAUSE YOU CAN.

PONDER THIS:If there was a DIET that WORKED FOREVER, don't you think mankind would've found it by now? The problem is people go on Diets, and then they go off (and then find the weight they lost). You need to change your life into a healthy life style. You won't be a giant hunk of muscles, or a gym rat. But you need to incorporate fitness into your daily routine.

SOMETHING I'VE CHANGED In my original goal I said I wanted to exercise 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I am now changing that to 100 minutes a week. Reason? Some weeks I may not be able to exercise 5 days. However, on those days I do find time, I will adjust my time to make sure I can still obtain my goal. 100 minutes is 1.7 hours.

Can I Borrow 3 Cents?

If you get 7 hours sleep a night that means you are awake for 17 hours a day. If you work 8 hours a day that leaves 9 hours a day. That's 63 hours of ME time in a week. 1.7 hours is 2.6 % of my free time. Let's make it simple and call it 3 percent. If you had a dollar, and someone asked for 3 cents would you give it to you? SURE! Well you deserve to take 3% of your time to make your future brighter and healthier.

From the Audience Wendy says that a fun way to make your podcast go fast (no ipod required, works on any player). You can purchase a CD, or download the music. Sites like are 20 bucks a month and use your music and “merge” in the coaching into your existing music.

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Logical Weight Loss Tips

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