There is Good Fast Food

Lets state the obvious. You are going to need to exercise more, or eat less. If you're in a hurry you need to do both.

Why do we eat fast food? Does it really taste that good? Typically its because we are in a hurry. So we fly through the pickup window and eat in the car. This is simply a failure to plan ahead. There is food at home that we can heat up quickly that won't pack on the pounds. So we need to be patient when we drive by those golden arches, and have something at home that can stifle our cravings in a few minutes.

Homework: Rent/Buy Super Size Me or Read the Book “Don't Eat This Book

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Finding Time To Exercise

I don't have time to exercise! Yeah, me too. But YOU need to come first. It's funny how we find time take the kids to soccer, buy that gift, talk to people on the phone because they are important. We always find time for things that are important.


The television is the worlds biggest time waster.

Write down what you are doing. You will be amazed at the ways you waste your time. You DO have time to exercise. You just need to GET UP, and DO IT. You will live. Just DO IT.

The computer is another big time waster. Check the email and get off.

Is there something you need to be reading? Do it while you ride that stationary bike.

If you HAVE To watch TV, then NEVER watch TV live again. Record it, and fast forward through the commercials, the credits, etc. That will get you some more time. Better yet, if you are going to watch TV, then exercise in front of it.

Measure your body so that if you don't lose pounds on the scale, you may be losing inches of your chest, waist, etc. There is a great tool at to help you measure yourself.

ACTIVITY: Track what you do for a day or two. You will be amazed at the time you waste during the day. Time sheet available to premium members

Logical Weight Loss Tips

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