Phil and Amy Parham From Season 6 of the Biggest Loser

Phil and Amy Parham are the husband and wife team from Season 6 of the Biggest Loser (that was season with “Vicki the villain and Michelle became the second woman to win the biggest loser). While they didn't win any cash, they continue to be blessed as they spread their message of health and fitness.

Phil and Amy's story starts in a very dark place. The book the 90 day fitness challenge starts off with Amy sharing how at one point she contemplated suicide. Phil had a business that was crashing to the ground and their third son had been diagnosed with autism. Phil and Amy both turned to food for comfort. This books talk about how God helped turn their life around (they became successful as real estate agents) but they still couldn't get their weight under control. Luckily Amy submitted the couple to be contestants on the Biggest Loser.

The book takes the knowledge they have learned from being on the ranch, and combines it with their knowledge of keeping it off. Both are doing great, and the 90 day fitness challenge gives you the principles they follow that is keeping them successful. The thing I loved about the book is its as if Phil and Amy are sitting across the table from you just sharing their story and their tips. It's filled with great insights into nutrition, exercise, and life.

The first part of the book features their story and information, but my favorite part was the motivational tidbits they deliver to start your day. Many of these tidbits were emails that Phil and Amy sent to a group of people who attended their first 9o day challenge.

As someone who just kind of “Stalled” after returning from vacation, I found the motivation from the book a real kick in the pants.

The book has now progressed from a book for individuals to read to a group facilitation DVD. If you have a small group at church that might be interested in putting together a 90 day challenge then check out the DVD. If you need something to track the weight loss, check out my free Biggest Loser Kit which has spreadsheets that does all the math for you.

In the interview Phil and Amy talk about how losing weight is really nothing to hard to comprehend. It's about principles and following those to success. The book goes into the nutrition that you can follow to eat good food that tastes good, and can help you lose weight. The book also talks about the spiritual side of weight loss. So many times we feel that we can't change, and this book shows you that it is possible to change. The food may be a symptom of another mental block that has you self medicating with food. The book may help you peel back the layers so you can see the true root cause of you unhappiness that you are trying to fill with food.

The book was inspired when they put together their first 90 day challenge, and they sent emails to the people for 9o days to motivate and inspire them. Now these emails (along with their story, some recipes, and insights).

We also talk about what it's like to be on the Biggest Loser, how real the reality show is, and how they determine what they eat.

Amy has a new book coming out in January called “10 Lessons from a former fat girl” that will be coming out along with a 90 day fitness challenge for kids which is slotted to come out in June next year.

“You're never stop eating,” said Amy. “It's a lifestyle change.” When life throws you a curve ball, you have to make the best choices you can. If you have to eat fast food, you got to subway and skip the cheese, no chips, and skip the mayo, and go with the whole wheat bread.” You do the best you can. Phil recommends the calorie king guide for counting calories and carbohydrates.

To join Phil and Amy go to and friend them on facebook, follow them on twitter and sign up for the e-mail list.

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6 thoughts on “Phil and Amy Parham From Season 6 of the Biggest Loser”

  1. Thanks for a great interview with some useful info. I look forward to checking out their book. Keep up the great work putting out these pods, this one kept me informed/entertained while walking.

  2. One more point. My apologies to Phil and Amy. I accidentally stated that Amy had committed suicide, when in reality she contemplated suicide (big difference). -Dave

  3. Hi jessica! We are still watching season 6 here in Portugal!
    I did not like when Amy left….
    But also I could see how much love her husband have for her an the boys. This was the most important the world could watch….
    hugs for all of you!

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