Pride, Money, Longevity and Happiness

In last week’s podcast I talked about having a mantra. In past episodes we talked about the movie 300 and as bloody as it was, I was impressed with their attitude. “We are Sparta!”

I’ve said time and time and again, one of the first things you have put in place is your attitude. So as I type this its 11:15 and I have 45 minutes until I can eat my lunch. While my stomach is not growling, I feel hungry.

So I started to think about the ways I will benefit from being thinner.

prideI will feel better about myself. I will feel proud of myself for doing something that is not easy. Do not get me wrong, losing weight does not mean I will be completely happy (as life will still send me trials, and curve balls) but I will be more confident in myself. I am boiling this down to one word: pride

piggybankMy second motivator is money. While the pursuit and love of money is evil, I feel protecting the money you make is not. I just watched the biggest loser where Suzie Orman was on talking about how much money people have to spend on diseases that are related to being obese. As we get older and retire, our income may become fixed. We will have to maximize our income, and eliminate senseless spending. What I pay in sweat today, I will save in money tomorrow. I am boiling this down to one word: money. If you don’t like that word, insert “peace of mind” instead.

longevityI have step-children who are teenagers. I know that I will eventually be a step-grandfather. I look forward to the journey of getting older. I want to stay as young as I can, but know I can’t stop the inevitable. All I can do is try to take care of the body that God has given me. My goal is expressed in one word: longevity.

happinessAs I think about how I would feel if I was proud of myself, if I had enough money to help me avoid living paycheck to paycheck, and I had the energy and flexibility to physically enjoy my later years, free of medicine, I can describe that in one word: happy.

So when I get hungry now I say to myself:

“Pride, Money, Longevity, and Happiness.”

As I focus on my goals, and I can take the minor hunger pains going on in my body. If my stomach starts to growl, I look at it as the sound of it shrinking. If I wake up sore from exercising, I know it is the feeling of muscles growing. I am working on my attitude. As it’s the first thing you need, and mine got side tracked. I will stay on track and control myself. My responses are my responsibility, and I am in full pursuit of pride, money, longevity and happiness.

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