Restaurants – How Many Times A Month Are You Giving Up Control?

I noticed a trend. During the week I lose weight. During the weekend I don't. Where am I mostly on the weekend? Restaurants. What am I eating? Bread, bread, and bread. Never ending bowls of stuff. Pizza, steak, and Chinese food. In many cases I'm taking the route to make a better bad choice (dressing on the side, salt free bread sticks). In the end it's still a BAD decision. I have no real idea what they are doing to my food.

In the book IMPOSSIBLE: How I Lost Nearly 400 Pounds Without Surgery he has taken the stand to NEVER go to restaurants. It's his problem, and that is how he deals with it. However, he realizes that most people can't go that route. His solution is to ration yoru visits to four times a YEAR. I go four times a month (and that's probably why I you-you all over the place).

For now I'm going to monitor how many of my meals I create, and how many I do not . It will be fun to see the ratio. What are your thoughts? Leave them below.

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