Should I Join a Gym or Not?

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Thinking of Joining a Gym? Here are the pros and cons from my chair…


gymMore equipment  (often better equipment). This means your workout can have variety and not be so boring
Many gyms have trainers to help you learn the equipment, and to offer tips and insights.
Many facilities offer classes, and they can have a great support community. I had an old high school friend that went to the same gym I did. It made an extra incentive to go to the gym to catch up.


More time to travel so your work may be 30 minutes, but you will spend an extra 30 minutes in travel.
There is a recurring expense. In addition to the monthly fee, you have the cost of gas that is involved with travel.
In my experiences, there is more of a chance of getting sick (depending on the circulation of air in the gym). This is kind of like the air in an airplane sometimes.

Can exercise any time, any day. There is no travel time, and you don't have to worry about what you look like.
Equipment pays for itself.  It costs around $784 for a family at the YMCA in Cleveland, Oh. This would pay for an elliptical machine at Wal-mart.
You don't have to fight over the TV.


Same exercise which can stop you from looking forward to your workout because it is “The same old thing.”
If you machine works the same muscles, your body may not get enough time in between workouts to rebuild.
If you just have one piece of equipment, it will be just you.  It can be very beneficial to get a “Workout buddy.” Now you may find yourself all by yourself.

Consumer Reports Top Picks For Exercise Equipment

Consumer reports in February 2009 spotlight some top picks for home exercise equipment. Here are there picks.

1. Pacemaster Platnum Pro VR treadmill $2000

2.  Epid View 550 treadmill $1600

3. Sole F63 Treadmill $1000

4. Lifecore LC-985VG Elliptical Trainer $1169

5. Spirit XBR25 $1,200

6. OMRON HJ112 Pedometer $30

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Coming In Future Episodes

A first hand review of My Fitness Coach game from Nintendo Wii

A first hand review of LifeSource XL-20 Wireless Activity Monitor (better known as the actiped) which is a great device to strap on your shoe, and it wirelessly transmits your distance and activity to a usb device, and if you desire, it will transmit it to a website for reporting. This seems very cool, and I will be playing with one in the near future and I'll let you know.

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