Size Does Matter

When it Comes To Serving Food, Size Matters

Today I'm still relating things from the book Mindless Eating, and today I read where the bowls we serve out of makes a difference. If we have a giant serving bowl, and we just give “a little” well a small part of a wale is still pretty big. It turns out that in studies we serve out 31 percent more in one study and 53 percent more in another. It also turned out that in one study, the participants took more food, and ate more food (59% more). Our eyes trick us into mindless eating that we just don't notice, and in the end we end up eating too many calories, and gaining weight.

So look into getting smaller plates, smaller spoons (after all “just a few spoonfuls” take on a whole new meaning if the spoon is the size of your head).

Mife Wife Has Last 30 lbs

How is she doing it?

1. Writing down her calories as she eats them (not at the end of the day).

2. Exercising 3-5 times a week for 60-90 minutes. She found a type of exercise that she loves (bike riding) and she does it.

3. Being a nurse she has seen people who have let themselves go, suffered strokes due to high blood pressure, and its giving her new insights and motivation.

4. She is only focused on losing a few pounds at a time.  By doing this she doesn't get overwhelmed at the amount she originally needed to lose.

5. She is not depriving herself of food. She is just very mindful of portions, and eats less than the used to.

For more information on my wife check out Building a Better Dave Podcast at and if you are looking for more diet tips, check out the Jillian Michaels Podcast at

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1 thought on “Size Does Matter”

  1. Great information. Portion size is the only way to lose weight. I have the pleasure of working with Dr. Brian Wansink, author of the book you’re reading, “Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think.”

    Dr. Wansink’s research was also the catalyst in the development of a line of dinnerware cleverly called “Thinware.” The Thinware sets are plates and bowls that were designed to Wansink’s specifications in color, shape, pattern and size to encourage less eating while promoting better eating. It’s important to realize that portion control doesn’t work with just any small plate. Thinware design and formula is sound and proven to work. You can find Thinware and fun items on And check out Dr. Wansink’s weight loss program,

    Everyone should definitely read the book. It is highly entertaining and funny. Check out the sites too. I’m sure you will like everything you see.

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