SparkPeople Launches SparkCoach

One of the first web based food tracking services was It’s a great service and I hadn’t been there in a while. They’ve changed some things around. One of the cool things is they moved some of the advertising to a toolbar at the bottom of the page. I’m impressed.

It turns out they are releasing a new free service called “Spark Coach” which makes getting the most out of their site a breeze. Here is what SparkCoach does:

  1. A specific, sequential list of activities to do each day to reach your goals
  2. Video-based coaching sessions from our world-class experts
  3. A revolutionary program 10 years in the making that will help you stick with your program and reach amazing goals
  4. Check-ins that provide personalized tips to overcome your obstacles and positive feedback on your accomplishments
  5. Insider tips and tricks for getting the most out of SparkPeople’s tools and community
  6. Exclusive discounts, challenges and prizes just for SparkCoach subscribers
  7. The ability to email a real coach and get a personal answer just for you

If you give SparkCoach just 10 minutes a day, we know you will reach your goals!

So it takes all of the features (food tracking, exercise tracking, motivational videos, informative articles, and recommended food choices) and puts them into a step by step format.

If you want to know more about SparkPeople check out the bookThe Spark



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