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With the new year right around the corner. One excuse you can eliminate right now is knowledge and focus. I've heard of (but never used) the Biggest Loser Club. When I did some quick research it has many of the same features of the other health related sites.

From their marketing material I read that “When you join you get online access to the diet & fitness program used by the contestants of the popular television show – personalized to fit your goals and lifestyle. The online diet plan from The Biggest Loser Club provides easy access to the support of other members in an online community as well as a customized diet plan based on specific weight loss and fitness goals.”

It sounds good. You get a way to track your calories and your fitness, and if you've wondered what the contestants on the Biggest Loser eat, you will soon find out. You can access your information via the web or smart phone.

The other thing I found out, is that when you sign up for their 3 month subscription ($39) you get 3 free books (the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Plan, Family Cookbook, and Fitness Plan). Now we're talking. I know that I read health related books especially during diet season. This keeps me focused, motivated, and generally fuels my weight loss during that period of the year.

You save $20, you have some tools to keep you on track, and some books to inpsire you and keep you focused.

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