Starting Again…

Start Again Well I was bummed to see a couple of weeks ago that I was back up to 210 (as I was down to 205 at one point). However, this inspired me (ok, it pissed me off) to get back on the treadmill, and to start exercising on a more regular basis.

The good news I didn't quit. I am still trying. I still believe I can do this, and I know what to do and what not to do. I am still trying new techniques.

Looking for Motivation

Its hard some times to find the “Why” when it comes to working out. SOme days we just don't want to. Well when I visited Pigeon Forge TN I saw a mix of all Americans from across the nation. I came to a conculsion: we're fat.

So I don't want to be a “typical” American. I want to stand out.

I also am looking for a job. Who would you hire if you were the employer? The person who is more in shape, or the person who is more likely to rack up a big health bill?

For you this could be your kids, your spouse, your grand kids, or just the fact tha tyou are tired of being tired. Whatever it is, keep looking until you find someting that will make you get off the couch.

No More Diets

We all hate the word Diet as it has the wor DIE in it. Dave Ramsey is a financial advisor and he doesn't use the word “Budget” he calls it a spending plan. Consequently, we no longer call our diet a diet, but we cal it an “Eating plan.” You can use something like Diet Power and plan out all your meals and see how much nutrition you are ingesting (and get a grade).

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