Sugar is the New Tobacco that is Poisoning Us Every Day

Sugar is the New Tobacco that is Poisoning Us Every Day

I just watched the move Sugar Coated on Netflix. You need to watch this voice because we are getting more an more sugar pumped into our food, and more and more of us are becoming diabetics. Studies are showing this is not a coincidence. Take time to watch these, cause we are taking so much sugar we are poisoning ourselves.


Sugar Coated Trailer

Sugar — the elephant in the kitchen: Robert Lustig at TEDxBermuda 2013


What's a Food Industry to Do?

Knowledge is power. Watch this movie, use a tool lie My Fitness pal, and track your food. The American Heart Association states “Limit your consumption of foods with high amounts of added sugars, such as sugar-sweetened beverages. Just one 12-ounce can of regular soda contains eight teaspoons of sugar, or 130 calories and zero nutrition. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends limiting the amount of added sugars you consume to no more than half of your daily discretionary calories allowance. For most American women, that’s no more than 100 calories per day, or about 6 teaspoons of sugar. For men, it’s 150 calories per day, or about 9 teaspoons. The AHA recommendations focus on all added sugars, without singling out any particular types such as high-fructose corn syrup.  For more detailed information and guidance on sugar intake limits, see the scientific statement in the August 2009 issue of Circulation, Journal of the American Heart Association. Source

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