Suspension Training – Workout Anywhere – No Weights Needed

I remember a few seasons ago on the Biggest Loser couples where they used some tie system and a tree and everyone was blown away by it. Well I found it. It's the TRX suspension training system.

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When I investigated it, it seems to be very simple and powerful (but not cheap – around $200) to use. TRX systems are so popular they even have Fitdeck cards with exercises on them (may be less expensive than a DVD). Don't forget to use the Fitdeck coupon code logical10

Last year for Christmas (or my birthday I can remember) my wife gave me a “Gym in a bag” featuring Resistance tubes from Gofit (and yes there is a FitDeck for those as well). These are less than $40 bucks (buy may not be as versatile as the TRX). I've written to the company to see if I could “play” with one for a few weeks to compare. It looks very powerful, and workouts would never get boring as there are over 300 different exercises you can do, and since switching from one exercise to the next is a snap, you can get a cardio workout too. Since there are two different FitDecks for these pieces of equipment there must be differences.

My question is, do you know of anyone (or have you) used the TRX Suspension Training system?

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3 thoughts on “Suspension Training – Workout Anywhere – No Weights Needed”

  1. Hi Dave,

    I bought the TRX trainer last summer. I love my TRX trainer and when my clients see me walk in with the TRX is my hand, their eyes roll. It is wonderful!!!

    I am in the gym every day and workout lots, but the TRX hits your muscles different than anything I have ever done.

    I personally use my TRX at least once a week and train my clients often using it!



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