Inside the 10 Second Diet

I met the author of the book the 10 Second Diet and today we take a peak inside the first few chapters. I think the key to this is to


2. Think (instead of feel).

In seems like in today's society if we feel something we HAVE to do it, and that is not the case. If we STOP and THINK we can take a few seconds to realize that what we are doing is not going to help us achieve our goals. The book talks about acknowledging the mental, psychological, and physical needs when it comes to eating.

I can do this

It will work




Also mentioned in this episode was Marc Gungor

Never Too Late To Turn Around

Today I talk about chapter 6 of the book Overcoming overeating (see book link below). This is the chapter where she gives specific strategies. She talks about two places where we can escape what I'm calling “the Crazy Diet Cycle.” Here are two options:

1. Whatever is causing your pain (past experience, current relationships, job, kids, parents) you need to dig in and find a better way to deal with this situation.

2. If the pain you are carrying around is cause by something (or someone) from the past, try letting it go. It's not doing you any good. Realize that people who are hurt, then to hurt other people. People who are broken to ten break other people. This doesn't mean you are a bad person, it means you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. It means people aren't perfect. The bottom line is, you are more than your past sins. Especially more than the sins of others. Do not let someone else define who you are.

The 10 Second Diet

Today we get introduced to the 10 second diet from MernaLyn. It's a quick book that explains there are no speical pills, foods, potions, liquids, etc. It is something you can do everywhere. I will be reading this book in the future, but it was great meeting Marnalyn at the book expo. If you'd like to check out this easy to read book (conversational style writing – love it) use the link below.

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