Top 5 Diet Pills Exposed

geezerandblond.pngI was watching one of those “Geezer and the Blond” morning shows and they did an investigative report on the top 5 diet pills (that sold 160 million last year).

#5 Slimquick is the same as drinking 5 cups of coffee. Hey if you want to find out if you have a mild heart problem here is an easy (and dangerous) way to find out.

#4 Zantex-3 More stimulants. The equivalent of 10 cups of coffee

#3 Realacore says that if you reduce stress you reduce your weight. Did you know that exercise reduces stress, and reduces weight? Realacore also has a mild anti-depressant. Did you know that exercise is an anti depressant?

#2 Hydroxy cut – According to the doctor who was on the panel, this is not good for diabetics, and may be linked to dimentia. Once again, we have gobs of stimulants in the drug.

#1 Alli Our favorite “Fecal Urgency” tablet. This product does not have stimulants. But it does stimulate you. According the research their website stated to bring a change of pants to work with you. As crazy as this sounds 82.4 million dollars of this stuff was sold.

If you take these (especially those with stimulants) and you lose weight you will gain all the weight back. Why? Because your heart is going ZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEEEE! when you are on it, and BBBBWWWWWOOOWW when its not. So you will not be burning calories, and you will gain it all back. Don't waste your money. Just get on that treadmill, or whatever you are using,,, and exercise.

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True Commitment

We say we are committed but are REALLY?

JOgging TrackA person says they are committed to jog every morning. The first day the get up and open the door and see a perfect day out side. They bolt out the door and go jogging while patting themselves on the back saying, “I’m so committed to jogging in the morning.”

The next day they bolt out of bed, throw open the door to a whole different scene as a cold wind pelts them with rain. Sadly they say, “Too bad its so nasty outside I can’t go jogging.” THIS PERSON IS NOT COMMITTED. TURE COMMITMENT MEANS FINDING A WAY. It means overcoming hurdles, and pitfalls. The committed person jogs on the treadmill because they have planned ahead. They do some other type of exercise. They are committed to exercise.

How committed are you? If someone asks, “Why are you doing this whole fitness thing?” can you answer them? If you’ve can’t then you’re not going to last long. Humans need to know “Why.” A kid can accept that 1+1=2, but and adult needs to know why. So when we set up our fitness goals, we need to remind ourselves WHY we are doing this. It could be to fit into clothes, reduce health risks, to feel good about yourself (there are thousands of reasons, but the ones we need to know is why YOU are doing this).

In the future we will be talking about taking this “Why” and keeping it in front of you for motivational purposes.

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Logical Weight Loss Tips

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