An Alternative to TRX Training

If you saw my previous post about the TRX resistance training system, (but like me can't cough up the bucks) you might like this system I found.

The system is from Ring and you have to go to the shop area to find it. It's called the Freestyle Trainer Pro. The system comes with an exercise DVD with over 70 exercises, has 17′ straps (so high ceilings are not a problem) foot straps and more to make it a very flexible system to help whip you into shape. The system makes it super easy to adjust to any height level, and comes with a carrying bag making it another “gym in a bag.” You can also mount this in a doorway without any additional hardware. Best of all where the TRX cost $189 the free style trainer pro clocks in at $70. For more information check out

UPDATE 5/21/2010 I have discovered that has Gravity bar for $99. You can check at that out

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