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I have mentioned this in the past, that Gowear Fit was the company that makes the Body Bugg which is showcased on the television show The Biggest Loser. The Bodybugg is a system that uses many sensors to accurately determine how many calroies you burn during the day. You then enter how much food you had to eat and see if you lost weight.  It is the ultimate tool for calroies in vs calories out.

I was looking into the Body Bugg and I found the blog for Bodymedia. Who is bodymedia? Well it's better to ask, “Who is Bodybugg?” According to the bodymedia blog site:

bodybugg is licensed through BodyMedia’s fitness club partner 24 Hour Fitness.

So when you purchase a bodybugg, you are purchasing a product created by BodyMedia.

What happened to Gowear Fit? Again, I take this from their blog

” We have changed the brand name of our product from GoWear fit to BodyMedia FIT. We did this to leverage the brand equity the company has built over the past 11 years around wearable body monitors.”

What's the difference?
Technically nothing (from what I've read). You can buy it from 24 hour fitness, you can purchase it from

Well you can purchase the bodybugg at for $189 (With a subscription to their website for as low as $7/month.  If you want the display with it, the total is $259. You get one month free at

You can still buy a gowear fit at for $179 for the unit. The website Activity Manager is FREE for three months with Amazon purchase. The optional display is $80 at

You can order a Bodybugg from 24 hour fitness with the display for $249 and you receive six month subscription to the website. This means that currently the best deal for a bodybugg is at 24 hour fitness. Plus you can get an addition $15 off using the coupon AFPBGD1 when you buy the bodybugg and display. Your price is $234 (see image below).

This price, and coupon according to the 24 hour fitness website is now through 3/31/10

I've contacted both 24 hour fitness and bodymedia to see if I could get an evaluation unit to play with for two weeks. I'll keep you posted.

Fair Comparison

Dainel From Season 7 of the Biggest LoserDaniel from the Biggest Loser Season 7 lost 30 lbs in his first week. Keep in mind he started at 454 lbs at age 19.  He worked out all week. Don't get frustrate when you exercise and only drop a pound or two.

Likewise, when we see morbidly obese people we may think, “Well at least I'm doing better than that person.” We need to keep in mind that we all start off as babies. Just because you're not that fat now, doesn't mean you won't be that fat eventually.  Keep in mind that as we get older our muscles shrink, and we will gain weight even if we eat the same amount we did when we were skinny.  He did lose 6.6% of his body weight. That would be like me losing 13 lbs in a week. I guess if I ate perfectly and worked out non stop I could do that.  Also keep in mind that the first pounds you lose will be your easiest.

From the Community

Greg created a “10 days of Christmas” last year and did 10 workouts that burned 1000 calories each. He ended up losing 8  lbs. He realizes that is something that you can't keep up at that pace. He did learn that he could exercise that hard, so exercising at a more manageable rate is doable.

Never Sat Diet Part 2

I continue to comment on the book Never Say Diet where Chantel Hobbs mentions you have to be honest with yourself and  admit that you are fat, and that the reasons why is you created reasons out of excuses.  You need to forgive yourself for your past, and commit yourself to being different going towards the future. You also need to educate yourself to help you understand what is going on with your body.

Meet Daniel and David From the Biggest Loser

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