Mental Suicide

Wii My fitess Coach is Also “Yourself Fitness”

The My Fitness Coach game for Nintendo Wii is a great way to get in shape. However, Greg from the forums to me that this is also available on XBox and Playstation 2 as “Yourself Fitness.” If you don't have a game unit, it is also available for the computer.

Now you can have the same fun without purchasing a Wii unit.

Version For PC

Version for Playstation 2

Yourself Fitness for Xbox

The Power Of Your Negative Thoughts

According to the Book The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, 80% of our thoughts (to ourselves) are negative. Research has shown this. He then goes on to tell a story of a guy who got locked in a refrigerator car (on a train). He panicked as he knew he only had minutes to get out or freeze to death. He ended up scratching a goodbye letter to his wife on the floor with a knife. He died. The interesting thing? The temperature of the car was around 50 degrees. He had frozen to death by the power of his thoughts. He created mental suicide.

I say it all the time, only you can stop you. Make sure your negative thoughts get stopped, and you replace with them positive thoughts.

Sell Deprivation Decreases Leptin

A study of sleep deprivation is showing that people that don't get enough sleep end up with lower levels of Leptin (which tells the body its full). So people keep eating becuase its thnks it is hungry.  This was in 60 minutes a couple of weeks ago (there is a 60 minutes podcast).  The interesting thing was Leslie Staul ended up watcing flies have sex. Television at its finest.

What is Circuit Training

Today I talk about the book Prevention's 3-2-1 weight loss plan by Joy Bauer. It outlines a circuit training program that involves 3 minutes of cardio, 2 minutes of strength training, and 1 minute of working on your abs. While it is geared towards women, it had some interesting tips on stopping emotional eating and more.

We get an email from Linda Sim who has lost 25 lbs this year, as she talks about why she likes the show and shares with us her favorite workout tunes.

I'm pleased that Michelle won the biggest loser. The next season starts Jan. 6 and it will have a 19 year old boy who weighs 454 lbs. and have a couple who is 63 years old.

Circuit training has been shown to increase weight loss efforts and it stops your exercise form being boring (as you are switching from one exercise to another. The book has lots of exercises and I feel it would be hard to keep your heart rate in the proper zone while using the book as you'd have to memorize a number of examples.

Also there are some interesting “games” for fitness for the Ninendo Wii and Nintendo DS that are geared towards having fun and losing weight.

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