You Can’t Run Away From Yourself

Today I explain how I felt kind of ashamed doing the podcast as I wasn't losing any weight. I had started off the year on the right track, but then I started to fall into bad habits. In the same way that staying away from the podcast didn't make my weight change, staying away from exercise and eating right isn't going to make the weight fall off either. In the end you have to get back up, and try again.

Coach Kevin D Uncensored

coachkevindToday we interview a fitness coach who lives right down the street from me. He just started the Coach Kevin D Uncensored podcast, and today we hear what inspired him to start taking his health seriously and drop the weight (and keep it off). He explains how he finds time to eat right (when you don't really get a lunch) exercise (when you have four kids) and more. Check out his podcast at www.coachkevind.comĀ 

You can also find out more about him at

Logical Weight Loss Tips

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