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Empowerwalk Interview

Today we interview Kevin Rogers from Empower Walk. Here are some of the interesting stats he shared with us.

85% of people who use one of this famous diets (Atkins, etc) will gain the weight back in a year.

80% of the reasons that people can't control their eating is psychologically based.

65% of the Us is overweight. 70% of us will be unhealthy by 2012 and 80% will be unhealthy by 2030. By 2048 almost everyone in the US will be overweight.

Why Are None of the Diet Programs Working Year After Year.

50% of people in the US do not exercise and the majority of baby boomer meals come from fast food.

You can purchase the Empower Walk audio book as well as a pedometer, and if needed, the audio book on an audio player at

Eye Opening Experience

My fiance and I were at Dicks Sporting Goods the other night. I hear “Oh my gosh come here and pick this up!” My Fiance had found the free weights and had picked up a dumbbell that was the same weight that she wants to lose. I walked over and picked up a 40 lb dumbbell (the amount I want to lose). I couldn't believe this was the extra weight I was carrying around. I can't imagine how much more energy I would have if I wasn't carrying this extra weight. If you find yourself in a sporting goods store, I HIGHLY suggest you do this quick exercise. It was quite an eye opener, and something I keep in mind when I want to do some emotional eating.

Ryan Didn't Learn

I was watching The Biggest Loser and Bob (the trainer) said Ryan (the winner from season one had gained all his weight back. What a shame. He had gone through all that work and now had nothing to show from it. As Bob put it, “He lost all the weight, but didn't learn anything.” I have added a whole “The Biggest Loser” section to our Amazon store.

Logical Weight Loss Tips

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