Doing What It Takes

The good news is I found a job. The bad news is I am exercising less, I can't walk on my lunch (bad neighborhood), I'm being taunted by the vending machine, and consequently I've gained a few lbs in the few weeks I've worked there.

leap-of-faithMy basement is too short to put my exercise equipment. I tested this by bringing in my shortest piece of equipment (My Tony Little gazzelle). When I ride it my heads just grazes the ceiling. It's not ideal – but it will work. The bottom line is I had to find something to exercise. I have less time to exercise, so where I use to walk for an hour I will now “gazzelle” for 30 minutes a day.  If the gazzelle didn't fit, I was going to start exercising with videos, or I found an old Torso Track. The bottom line is while I may not be able ot use my cool elyptical, I CAN use exercise equipment (or my body). You may not get to do what you want, but you CAN do something

And sometimes you have to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

EA Sports Reviewed

When this game fist came out I found what appeared to be an honest review at I talked about this back in July. To their credit EA Sports provided me a review copy and I was thrilled to check it out.


I could feel the difference in my arms using the band (even though it took some time to get the tension right).
I always broke a serious sweat, and the 30 day challenge motivated me to keep going.
The exercises were fun (I loved the boxing and tennis).
As you strap on a controller to your leg and in your hand, it really pays attention to make sure you have the correct form.

I would guess that 15% of the time it did not recognize my right lunge. This was really annoying as it killed the momentum you had.
It is designed to do workouts. To the best of my knowledge, I could easily go in and just box.

You definitely want to watch the videos to make sure you are using proper form. The exercises seem easy, but you will sweat. I found it odd that it monitored my steps, but when I ran it only would run at a certain top speed (it would lose accuracy if you ran really fast). The occasional slip in recognizing my right lunge (and I went back and watch the video to make sure I was doing it right) eventually lead me to not using the game anymore. It frustrated me to much and ruined my workout.

EA Sports ACTIVE for the Nintendo Wii Reviewed

EA Sports Active for nintendo WiiIf you haven't purchased a “personal trainer game” for the Ninetndo wii, this sounds like the one you want to purchase. It has a 30 day challenge built int, a journal system, a way to track calories, and fitness goals. It also comes with resistance bands to make the exercises more challenging. I don't have this game yet, but it really sounds felxible, powerful, and yet easy to set up and play.

The ability to play with another person makes it even more fun. I have the wii fit game. I think you get just as much exercise running the vacum than you do playing some of those games. This game seems to geared toward someone who really wants to work their body. As the reviewer put it, “It felt like being at the gym.”

Do you have this game? Let us know your thoughts if this is a game worth the $59 bucks.

You can read the full review and see screen shots by clicking HERE.

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