Outside Pressure on Your Fitness Routine

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Yes I know its been a while. I had a horrible “end of semester” that had me stressed out to the max. I found out quickly that when my stress level goes up, my will power goes down. Stress made me feel so bad that eating made me forget whatever was stressing me out.

Now I was eating bad things like ice cream, chips, doughnuts, I was eating fruit, cereal, and English muffins. The bad news is I was taking in WAY more calories than I was burning. So when your life is full of stress it makes it harder to stay focused on fitness.

Look at your finances. Do you need all 79 channels on your cable package? Going to basic cable may save you 50+ dollars. Renting movies from the library is free. Instead of taking the bus or driving why not walk to the store.

Look at your family is there a way to get support from family members?

Look for ways to do things smarter, more efficient, that will reduce your stress.

In my case, I didn't do the small things that lead to good grades, and I suffered the consequences. It is the same way with fitness. We need to do little things like get off the couch, to substitute fruit for chips, and  to drink water instead of soda. When we do these things we will enjoy the rewards.

Possibly the Dumbest Article Ever!
I read an article that stated that if you have a choice of eating a Big Mac or a Whopper to eat the Big Mac (Whopper has more calories and more saturated fat). The answer is EAT THE GRILLED CHICKEN SADNWICH HOLD THE MAYO! – silly.

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