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Empowerwalk Interview

Today we interview Kevin Rogers from Empower Walk. Here are some of the interesting stats he shared with us.

85% of people who use one of this famous diets (Atkins, etc) will gain the weight back in a year.

80% of the reasons that people can't control their eating is psychologically based.

65% of the Us is overweight. 70% of us will be unhealthy by 2012 and 80% will be unhealthy by 2030. By 2048 almost everyone in the US will be overweight.

Why Are None of the Diet Programs Working Year After Year.

50% of people in the US do not exercise and the majority of baby boomer meals come from fast food.

You can purchase the Empower Walk audio book as well as a pedometer, and if needed, the audio book on an audio player at

Eye Opening Experience

My fiance and I were at Dicks Sporting Goods the other night. I hear “Oh my gosh come here and pick this up!” My Fiance had found the free weights and had picked up a dumbbell that was the same weight that she wants to lose. I walked over and picked up a 40 lb dumbbell (the amount I want to lose). I couldn't believe this was the extra weight I was carrying around. I can't imagine how much more energy I would have if I wasn't carrying this extra weight. If you find yourself in a sporting goods store, I HIGHLY suggest you do this quick exercise. It was quite an eye opener, and something I keep in mind when I want to do some emotional eating.

Ryan Didn't Learn

I was watching The Biggest Loser and Bob (the trainer) said Ryan (the winner from season one had gained all his weight back. What a shame. He had gone through all that work and now had nothing to show from it. As Bob put it, “He lost all the weight, but didn't learn anything.” I have added a whole “The Biggest Loser” section to our Amazon store.

Empowerwalk Offering 30 Minutes of Free Weight Loss Coaching

Empowerwalk is offering 30 minutes of FREE Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, valued at $125 by using the coupon FREECOACH from 11/27 – 12/31/08

You may be like me and ask, “What the heck is empowerwalk?”

According to their website, “Walk is a healthy living plan that educates you and provides proven mindset training so that you can get control of your weight and health and achieve lifelong wellness.” It focuses on education (we all know I'm all about that) as well as getting your head ready for weight loss (which has been one of my issues).

The plan is you can get the empowerwalk on a preloaded mp3 player, or purchase the download.

Then you eat regular foods from the healthy food pyramid.

While you walk you listen (15 minutes a day).

Then you lose a pound a week.

The program helps you get your body and mind determined to lose weight. I've always said if you can believe it you can achieve it. However, some of us have done such a job on our confidence that we have a hard time believeing in ourselves. Empowerwalk helps bring back the confidence to meat our goals.

You can listen to the introduction at the site. MORE INFORMATION (remember to get free coaching use the coupon FREECOACH

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