Exercising in the Morning – Live

I've heard people talk about how exercising in the morning, but I never thought that would be me. None the less I've done it twice now, and I'm telling you that within minutes of stepping on the treadmill, I felt better about myself.

So in today's podcast you are right there with me at 5:30 AM as I am out of town and going to take advantage of their workout facility. I then have you follow me as I provide some motivational tips from the spark book.

In this case, I ended up shorting myself on sleep which in the long run is not good. Why?

You are cranky when you're tired and may start arguments with people which adds more stress to your life, which inhibits weight loss.

Your body releases hormones that make it harder to lose weight.

Your motivation, and potentially your will power may be less.

Your body needs the rest to rebuild the muscles you've worked.

So I knew that going into the day and finished OK (but would not make losing sleep a habit).

Try It

As I said, I would NEVER think I was an exercise in the morning person, but I'm going to try to work this into my work week and see how it fits into “real” life (as the weekend is like another world).

Logical Weight Loss Tips

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