Evaluating Fit Day Software

Fit Day Fitness Software

I'm using the Vidaone software, and I like it because I can exercise with a hear rate monitor, and when I'm done I download the exercise information into my software (and creates a graph of my hear rate during the exercise). I'm sure I could look at my heart rate monitor and it would tell me the calories (and in the end isn't that what I'm really interested in?). So I can see where people may go, “By the time you download, etc, wouldn't it be the same time as entering the workout and putting in the calories burned?” Hmm.. you might have a point. I'll let you know as I'm going to do both software for a bit so I can compare apples to apples.

As I mentioned in the blog, I have a Omron HBF-500 on the way (so that should be fun).

My problem today is I have been putting myself last, and staying up very late and working on projects. Then I don't get enough sleep and when that happens you lose the will to fight. The strength to make the right choices, and for me to exercise. However, I did re-measure myself and I've lost a few inches on my belly, my chest went up, and my arms and thighs went up (so I'm building muscle). This might explain while the weight is dripping off instead of falling off.

The key is to not give up. If I am building muscle that means burning fat will be even easier in the future if I just keep doing it. Am I sad that I'm not “on track” with my original goal? Sure. However, I'm still pointed in the right direction all I have to do is push.

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