Super Bowl Blues

ledge.pngWell the Super Bowl is over. It was a giant upset. Did it upset you because you ate too much food? I'm afraid to say I did bad, but no horrible. I didn't eat a very big breakfast (so I was hungry by game time) and in walked my brother with Pizza, Chicken and Jo Jos'.

I hadn't had fried chicken months. So I had 3 pieces, and some Doritos, and a couple of sodas. It wasn't my best day.

So does this mean I quit my diet? Did I stop exercising? NO!

While I may have had a bad day (like I do on most Super Bowl Sundays), the rest of the year I'm doing much better.

However if you think about it most holidays and big events in America are tied to food (Candy and Valentine's Day, Ham and Easter, Turkey and Thanksgiving, Ham and Christmas, July 4th and Hamburgers, etc, etc, etc.

Don't let these days through you completely off of your program. If you take a wrong turn, just turn around, get back on track and get back going in the right direction.


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